The Tbilisi Herbarium


The Tbilisi Herbarium

Nodar Sumbadze

ISBN: 978-9941-445-00-2

Category: Albums

Pages: 28

Format: 21x21

Published: 2013

Cover: Hard

Price: 14.00

The works of Nodar Sumbadze, an architect, are presented in two forms: his fifteen postcards make a collection, while his twenty-five photo collages are published as an album, which is available in paper and hard covers. Each collage is accompanied by a short essay about Tbilisi bridges, front doors of old buildings, their balconies and columns. The collections show gravestones, stone and wood ornaments, even Soviet symbols which used to decorate various facades.

‘Tbilisi is like an old herbarium with its faded pages. The city, its streets and yards have kept a unique style which is a blend of the eastern and western, European and Asian features, defined by the local terrain and climate.’  




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