Tao-Klarjeti – Catalogue of historical and cultural monuments


Tao-Klarjeti – Catalogue of historical and cultural monuments

Nestan Bagauri, Zurab Batiashvili, Irma Beridze, Buba Kudava, Nikoloz Zhghenti, Gocha Saitidze, Natia Khizanishvili

ISBN: 9789941478178

Category: South Caucasus and Anatolia

Pages: 600

Format: A4

Published: 2017

Cover: Hard

Price: 70.00


The book contains a catalogue of historical and cultural monuments from this region as well as a catalogue of manuscripts and historical documents and an encyclopedia of the historical figures. Information about the historical chapters and modern administrative areas are alphabetically classified in accordance with their old and new names.


The structure of the historical monument catalogue is organized in the following order: monasteries, churches, fortresses. The data presented in the book touches upon the historical provinces such as – Speri, Tao, Klarjeti, Shavsheti, Adjara (Machakhela Valley), Lazeti ("seaside"), Kola, Artaani, Erusheti, Chrdili, Javakheti (Upper Javakheti), Samtskhe (Potskhovi Valley).


Research supervisor of the project and editor – Buba Kudava




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