Skylight in Colorful Glasses

Translated by Konstantine Z. Gamsakhurdia

ISBN: 978-9941-487-08-8

Category: Translations

Pages: 160

Format: 12.5X19

Published: 2019

Cover: Soft

Price: 11.95

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President Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s Case

Konstantine Z. Gamsakhurdia

ISBN: 978-9941-445-43-9

Category: Critical Essays on Literature-Documentary Prose

Pages: 410

Format: 14.8x21

Published: 2014

Cover: Hard

Price: 20.00

The publication was prepared by Konstantine Z. Gamsakhurdia, who also wrote the introduction and comments   The book contains the materials amassed by the Georgian Parliament commission studying the circumstances of the death of Zviad Gamsakhurdia, the first President of independent Georgia. The findings of the... Read more >