Giorgi Marjanishvili

ISBN: 999-4011-71-5

Category: Hereti

Pages: 58

Format: 14.8x21

Published: 2005

Cover: Soft

Price: 2.00

The book is a deep study of the history of Hereti, its cultural monuments and religious sites, legends and facts connected to the region. The publication includes monument plans and architectural drawings by G. Zhvania, A. Chikadze and T. Karchilava. Hereti   The book is a deep study of the history of... Read more >


Tengiz Papuashvili

ISBN: 978-9994-055-51-7

Category: Hereti

Pages: 306

Format: 20x27

Published: 2013

Cover: Hard

Price: 17.00

The publication is devoted to the socio-historical, economic and political overview of Saingilo from the old times until 1921 when it was incorporated into the Azerbaijan Republic by the Soviet decree. The book looks at the region, its past and present, against the backdrop of political events of Georgia, analyses various stages... Read more >