Street Art


Street Art


ISBN: 978-9941-494-08-6

Category: Getting to Know Georgia, Albums

Pages: 256

Format: 24x29.5

Published: 2021

Cover: Hard

Price: 99.95


As time goes by, street art is becoming more and more popular all over the world, including in Georgia. Works have multiplied in the streets of Tbilisi and some of them have become entirely characteristic of the city. However, this is the first attempt to release an album dedicated to this interesting art movement in Georgia.

Various festivals are held in Georgia from time to time, where Georgian and foreign artists create many interesting works in the urban space. Street art is often used commercially.

For professional, novice or amateur artists, street painting has become a means of self-expression. Not infrequently the works convey social and political messages. Artists try to make the city more colourful, vibrant and interactive. For street artists, this art is an alternative means of interaction between art and society and nothing can stop this relationship - the whitewashed walls are painted over and over again!

Street art works often disappear from the city streets, sometimes even within hours of creation. The walls painted by the artists sometimes attract the attention of the city authorities and sometimes they are unacceptable to the citizens. At times, artists work in secret. Sometimes they have the permission of the City Hall to do the wall painting, and sometimes they voluntarily choose the bleak, grey walls and revive them.

In this album, we have gathered the works performed in the streets of Tbilisi in recent years. Some of them still exist but others are damaged or have already disappeared.

Although the album presents many outstanding samples of modern Tbilisi street art, it is difficult to claim that it includes all the best works recently created here in Tbilisi. Due to the constant variability of the existing picture, such a goal would be difficult to finalise and the achieved result would be classed as conditional. On the other hand, finding, fixing and cataloguing specimens scattered throughout Tbilisi exceeds the goals and frames of our project.

This album can be considered to be a chronicle of the city which has seen specific artworks doomed to perish for future generations and also reflects modern trends in street art. That is why in the book the reader will see samples made in different genres, of different scales and artistic values.

This album includes photographs by Zurab Tsertsvadze, photos by the authors of the book and photos from the Tbilisi Mural fest.

The album was published with the support of Tbilisi City Hall.




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