Generation of ‘98


Generation of ‘98

Miguel de Unamuno, Antonio Machado, Ruben Dario, Ramiro de Maeztu, Jacinto Benavente, Pio Baroja, Ramón del Valle-Inclan

ISBN: 978-9941-445-23-1

Category: Translations

Pages: 110

Format: 12.5x17

Published: 2013

Cover: Soft

Price: 5.60

Translated from Spanish by Lana Kalandia


The idea of the book was born while travelling through the rich Spanish literature. Our aim is to expose our readers to the diversity of the works which were unavailable even for Spanish readers due to certain social and political reasons.


We decided not to focus on one specific writer but to present as completely as possible the Generation of ’98, which influenced not only Spanish but the world literature as well.




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