Military History of the Late Antiquity Georgia


Military History of the Late Antiquity Georgia

Nika Khoperia

ISBN: 978-9941-445-85-9

Category: Military Histories

Pages: 252

Format: 14.8x21

Published: 2016

Cover: Soft

Price: 8.00

The period referred to as the Late Antiquity (3rd-4th centuries) is marked with numerous raids of Europe by the Scandinavian, Baltic and steppe people. Eastern Byzantine still held a leading position but was challenged by Sassanid Iran. The Caucasian region, with the kingdoms of Iberia and Lazika, both fighting for their independence, was in the midst of the conflict.


King Vakhtang Gorgasali was an outstanding figure of the period. His long reign was particularly significant from the military viewpoint. Based on extensive research of historical, archaeological sources in various languages, the present publication covers the most noteworthy military aspects of the period not only in Georgia but in the entire Caucasia.    




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