111 Stories

ISBN: 978-9941-463-73-0

Category: Read Along

Pages: 176

Format: A5

Published: 2018

Cover: Soft

Price: 8.10

Compiled by Nika Khoperia.


The Middle Ages, this important epoch lasted in the history of Europe from V to XV centuries (and even longer in some other parts of the world). Many events and changes took place in the Medieval Period such as the end of The Roman Empire, spreading of Christianity and rise of Islam, appearance of new kingdoms and counties, establishment of Feudalism, fight for the Roman heritage, clash between Roman Popes and German Emperors, flourishing of monasticism, crusades, founding of new orders, wars against Turks, Seljuks and Mongols, Black Death and finally beginning of Renaissance.


One can discover a lot of fascinating stories in this long chain of events 111 of which are presented in this book. 





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