100 Photostories about 1980s


100 Photostories about 1980s

Guram Tsibakhashvili

ISBN: 978-9941-478-02-4

Category: Read Along

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Format: A5

Published: 2018

Cover: Soft

Price: 11.70


We went through a lot during these last 40 years. People of the previous generation used to tell us that they had lived war while we had a happy life without anything threatening our safety, but time proved them wrong. Starting from the 80s we underwent much more than our predecessors.


We can say that on a certain degree photography is an art that portrays changes. Every change or transformation is clearly exposed in a photograph. This is why photographic accounts can very explicitly show and remind us what was happening at the end of a certain epoch. (From the author's afterword)




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