100 Photostories about 2000s


100 Photostories about 2000s

Guram Tsibakhashvili

ISBN: 978-9941-478-05-5

Category: Read Along

Pages: 144

Format: A5

Published: 2018

Cover: Soft

Price: 11.70


Black and white photos presented in the book are actually colour photographs. Although digital photography started at the end of the 20th century, for me it is still linked with the 21st century and not only because it was when I had my first digital photo camera but also because our life became colourful only after the 90s. This is why even today when I use a digital camera I always take a colour photograph.


The middle class did not really exist in former Soviet countries. In my opinion, the 2000s are not only the years when our lives gained some colour but also the time of middle-class formation. I don't only mean the increased number of the middle-class families but also the fact that their opinion finally started to matter (although often forcibly). All of this is to some extent illustrated in the photographs I took in the 2000s.


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