Tales Written in a Drawing Notebook


Tales Written in a Drawing Notebook

Diana Anthimiadou

ISBN: 978-9941-463-50-1

Category: Children’s Literature

Pages: 60

Format: 6.8x6.1

Published: 2017

Cover: Soft

Price: 19.95


This short, happy and humorous book of tales has an interesting story of creation.  The book is based on drawings by a five-year-old boy with autism spectrum. The book that is a product of cooperation between mother, child and the illustrator is shaped as an amusing game that might be useful for every parent and a child. Mother brought her child’s drawings to life, made them speak even before the boy could say his first words. This interactive method would be useful for every parent and a child, those who are looking for the new ways of communication.


Besides amusing illustrations, the stylistic aspect of the tales is also interesting. Light, colorful stories talk about love, friendship, mother-son relationship, anger, play, books and most importantly about the uniqueness of every human being.


The book is a result of interesting collaboration between mother and the son. Considering Georgian literary context, the book itself is unique and apart from that by showing little boy’s art, the book will help to fight social stigmas and stereotypes about autism.


The text itself employs the vocabulary that is inviting for beginning readers, considering that stories are told with a light and gentle didactic tone that makes the reading not only pleasurable but also useful. 





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