Тбилиси (Историа Старого Города)


Тбилиси (Историа Старого Города)

Alexandre Elisashvili

ISBN: 9789941478635

Category: Translations, Getting to Know Georgia

Pages: 68

Format: 12.5X19

Published: 2018

Cover: Soft

Price: 14.95


This book is about Tbilisi, one of the most ancient cities of the world. It was often destroyed, but it always managed to rise again from the rubble and to stand on its own feet once more. Over the centuries Tbilisi faced many dangers, and it often looked that the state it was reduced to was so hopeless and beyond recovery, that it seemed almost inconceivable that the Georgians would not give up and abandon this location and move somewhere else for the site of their capital city, as had frequently occurred elsewhere. This book will introduce you to the political adventure of the city, and it will inform you not only of the tales of the destruction and restoration of the city, but will also depict every aspect of the city’s history: Why was it named Tbilisi? Who were its earliest inhabitants? How did it develop down the centuries? What can be said of its infrastructure, its transport, its architecture? This is a book that provides us with a sympathetic understanding of Tbilisi.






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