Georgian Mythological Characters and Their Universe


Georgian Mythological Characters and Their Universe

Georgian Miths

ISBN: 978-9941-494-09-3

Category: Georgian Miths

Pages: 80

Format: 24x29.5

Published: 2021

Cover: Hard

Price: 34.95

Step into the magic universe of Georgian mythology. Meet the queen of the forest – Tkashmafa and the Lord of the clouds – Elia. Learn when the Mesefes come out of the sea and why the white Manguri had such luck. How Iakhsari and Kopala defeated the Devis, what are Tchinka's afraid of, and why a beautiful young blacksmith turned so gloomy. How Khorgais Mindiq escaped Qajis (evil spirits), and how Amiran broke the chains that were bounding him to the mountain.
The Lords of the forest, water and animals are getting ready to greet you. Meet twenty distinguished characters of Georgian mythology and their universe: Dali, Betqili, White Manguri, Tkashmafa, Ochokochi, Mesefes, Ali, Tskarishdida, Devi, Kopala, Iakhsari, Natsiliani, Pirkushi (Gloomy), Amiran, Kursha, Tchinka, Khorgais Mindiq, Kudiani, Elia.

Edited by Inga Antidze

Illustrated by Varlam Jmukhadze




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