Georgian Mythical Heroes and Their World


Georgian Mythical Heroes and Their World

Georgian Miths

ISBN: 978-9941-504-09-9

Category: Georgian Miths, Getting to Know Georgia

Pages: 80

Format: 24x29.50

Published: 2022

Cover: Hard

Price: 49.95


Enter the magical world of Georgian mythology and meet Tkashmapa, the Queen of the Forest, Elya, the Ruler of the Clouds, and many others. You’ll learn when the Mesepes came out of the sea and why White Mangur enjoyed good fortune, how Iakhsari and Kopala defeated the Devis, what frightened the Chinkas, what made a blacksmith’s handsome features turn grim, and how Khogais Mindi escaped from the Kaji and Amirani sought to escape eternal captivity.


The rulers of the forests, the rivers, and the creatures that dwell within them are waiting to meet you. Dive into this book and learn all about twenty prominent heroes of Georgian mythology and their world!




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